Welcome to the "TRUNK" and Adam's affinity with elephants!

The photo of BA with the elephant to the left was taken for the front sleeve of his "On a Day Like Today" cd.   Also included on the inner sleeve of this cd are two address' where you can lend your support to the protection of captive and wild elephants...

3 grove house, foundry lane
horsham, sussex, RH13 5LP, england
tel: (44) 01403 240 170

the tennessee elephant sanctuary
p.o. box 393, hohenwald
tennessee 38462, usa

Below is an elephant related excerpt from ba's tour diary, written during his visit to Vietnam in 1994.  This diary can be found in his autobiography...

January 16/1994 (sunday) HO CHI MIN CITY

Show day.  The phone rings...(as usual).  Big press call I'm told. CBS News is here, so is MTV, Vancouver Sun, Rueters, AP Wire Service and a few others.  Tim suggests that if we are going as a  "Jounalistic Cluster Fuck" we should go to the Zoo.  Seems appropriate. 

Back in to the Xich Lo and away we go.  It is the most obscene thing.  Photographers and video cameras join in and all blaze away as we roll along into the city.  Future Clash tour manager Chris (Q magazine) Chappel joins us to try and deflect the fury. 

I hate zoos.  This zoo was built by the French, and since they got ousted, no one has paid much attention to it.  The animals look reasonalbly miserable, particularly the elephants who are boiling away in the sun.  I stop next to a baby elephant who is rocking away...it looks distressed.  I pour an entire bottle of water into her trunk ( I'm guessing it's a "she"), which she guzzles down and sprays into her mouth.  This stops her from rocking.  There are two shackles with chains on her feet preventing her from moving so she has to remain stationary until her keeper moves her to another location.  What a beautiful creature.  My heart just melts for this beautiful animal.  They need ELEFRIENDS here to help...

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