recent renovations to the badhouse  (close window to return to main page)

may 1/06
added a link on the homepage to a ebay charity auction of an adams autographed fender strat...all proceeds to benefit the canadian maritime chapter of the children's wish foundation...the attic discography is now linked, but still under construction....

april 11/06

finally got around to finishing  "the couch" page for the badhouse livingroom...the page has a small iframe photo gallery and an appropriately titled interview.  more to come for this page in the future.

april 2/006

The Bryan Adams BAdhouse goes coastal !!  the rooms of the badhouse take on a maritime theme...
not only will Bryan be touring the Canadian Maritimes during the month of April...but...Mr. Adams will be honoured in Halifax, Nova Scotia by his induction into the canadian music hall of fame at the 2006 Juno Awards!   A warm maritime welcome to Bryan & the band from the BA BAdhouse!

january 13/06

"reckless"...the badhouse cyber dog now has his own  page...where ever "reckless" appears in the badhouse click on him to go to his web page! 

***calling all bad dog owners!!. show off you pooch's pic by uploading it to the new badfans' baddog album on the ba back-up-board...there is a direct link to the album from the badhouse's baddog you'll have to fill out (free) membership to the bub to do so***

january 7/06
all the best to the badman & his baddies for the year 2006! 
it's deep winter here at the stuff has been stashed in the attic.   the snow is drifting down and a long winter's nap is underway in the bedroom.. kettle's on in the kitchen...a hot cuppa tea by a crackling fire in the livingroom...keep warm's cold out there!

december 20/05
well it's has been touring canada...except for my part of it...humph!...oh well we can't let that dampen our christmas spirit.  the badhouse has been decked for the season...have a merry christmas baddies!

november 5/05
it's the badman's birthday!  how about a good old maritime "kitchen party"!  family,friends, collaborators and a few special guests have dropped in for a slice of cake. 

november 2/05
check out the new attic!

october 14/05
did some fall renovations about a week ago (in case you hadn't noticed : )
there's a new emily carr hanging above a crackling fire in the livingroom.  fall foliage & blue jays @ the feeder out the bedroom window...bathing and dining move indoors in the bath and kitchen....a harvest moon and geese flying south on the front page...looks like ba & the baddog may be heading somewhere too. 

july 26/05
the badhouse summer layout is up at long last...some of the boys in the band have escaped the heat of the kitchen for a picnic on the beach...a breeze blows in the bedroom...a fan replaces the fire in the livingroom...and bathroom moves outside for the summer...more to come...stay tuned...

1st day of spring! .tulips bloom in the livingroom... in the bedroom ba wakes from a long winter's nap and realizes that "he was only dreaming"...the badman & "reckless" (the now-named badhouse dog) chill in the attic...and the kitchen is full of fresh flowers and a champange toast to spring!

january 1/2005
happy new year!
another year has gone our new year's sound byte for the front page, a champange toast in the kitchen...and bathroom too?
cyber pooch (still nameless) relaxes in front of the livingroom fireplace.  also a new sound clip in the bedroom (to keep you warm for the winter).  the badhousekeeper extends best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2005!

december 25/04
happy christmas baddies! 
the bouncing package in the attic turned out ot be the new badhouse dog!  the badhouse has always seemed a tad lonely to me...i thought a cyber pooch might be good company for the badhouse's cyber bryan.  badhouse visitors are welcome to suggest names for our new cyber pooch at this email address...

december 22/04
the badhouse is ready for the holiday daughter and i had fun "photo-shopping" every room in the house...maybe we went a little over board...but hey's our new toy!  ;o) 
wonder what's inside that over-active package in the attic?  they're playing the new "flying" video on "BAD TV" in the livingroom. 
best wishes for a happy holiday season badfans!

cheers from the badhousekeepers...sandy & jessie ~

november 10/04
birthday party's is coming...

november 5/04
a very happy 45th birthday to bryan from the badhousekeeper :-) cyber cake in the kitchen and birthday greets on the front page!

october 2004

"...and if you ever feel lost or alone...babe come on home"...
(to the badhouse ;-)

flying... written by ba & mutt lange is our new intro tune
for the badhouse.  the song will be released as the second single off the new adams album room service.

oh yeah...i ditched the tagboard due to annoying pop-ups and lack of interest.  bye bye tagboard!

september 2004

sept 27th...added a tagboard to this page...don't know why...just wanted to...i might move it to another page later on.

The summer of 69 camp closes it's doors as autumn arrives at the badhouse...and with autumn ba's new album ROOM SERVICE !!   check out our new room service page.  the new main photo in the kitchen is album art from the new CD.  the living room has been completely renovated for fall,  and if you look out the bedroom window you'll see that the trees have begun to change colour.


the "plumbing" (ie. page links)
in the bathroom have been repaired.  please feel free to email the badhousekeeper if you find anything in the house that is in need of repair.

did some long overdue badhouse repairs to broken links and images.  added screenshots of the original badhouse to the about this site page.  opened up the summer (69) camp for an end of the summer badfan holiday. (a link to camp can be found on the front page).   summery touches/amimations added throughout the house.  enjoy the lasts days of summer! 


christmas has come and gone...winter is outta's finally stopped snowing on the badhouse!

november 1/2003

the exorcist was called in ...the badhouse is back to normal ...
...for now....

october 28/2003

there's been a temporary haunting of the badhouse!! 
check out chilling changes to the front page, livingroom,attic, bedroom...and oh oh!...someone's cut themselves shaving in the bathroom!!  have a horrifying halloween baddies!!

august 8/2003

summer time ...and the livin is easy...
finally got a rainy day to do some "summerizing" of the fun summery touches in all the rooms...AND the summer (of 69) camp is back for a second year!
you can access camp by clicking on the sun on the front page of the site.

have a great summer baddies!

april 3/2003

removed all traces of winter from the site,,,good riddens!
rounded out tea in the kitchen with ba's anti war quote.

jan. 7/2003

the christmas decorations have all been put away... but there's a champange toast to the year 2003 in the kitchen... I've also added new navigation bars to the bottom of each room page! 

dec. 25/2001

click on the christmas gifts in the attic for a look back at the 2001 BADvent calendar.

dec. 10/2002

all the rooms of the badhouse are decked out for the holiday season.  added a few more pics to the bathroom "bare" slideshow too!   

nov. 19/2002

the badhouse attic is finished and open to guests!


vote for the badhouse added to homepage... the BADhouse has been entered in two best of the web contests...fansite category...please take a minute to cast your vote here.

thanks!   from the badhousekeeper ;)

nov. 12/2002

ba birthday party's over in the kitchen.

nov. 5/2002

today's is ba's birthday and the badhouse is one year old!...and with it... a whole new look for the badhouse! ...find out the inspiration behind this renovation here!  don't forget to stop into the kitchen for some birthday cake!

july 8/2002

new on the front page...board the bad bus for summer (of 69) summer camp!

summery stawberry sensations being served up in the the badhouse kitchen.

april 14/2002

new BATV show in the livingroom PLUS on the new acoustic guitar that is leaning against the wall in the livingroom.

also new...see what bryan is munching on in the kitchen this month.

on the homepage the BADmobile is reved up and ready to take you to the BADLANDS (still under construction)

april 3/2002

new feature on mirror page of the bathroom.

mar. 15/2002

green beer and green food in the kitchen for st. patrick's day!
*new* click the pillows on the bed in the bedroom.

feb. 19/2002

added a couple of pics to the badhouse in the shower and one in the toilet.

fixed up the studio's slide show and added a new demo version sound clip of "inside out."


happy valentine' s day... share a sweetheart soda and some sweet recipes with ba in the badhouse kitchen.

the badhouse mailing list has been added to the badhouse front page.

the badvent calendar is officially closed.

jan. 8/2002

happy new year ! the xmas decorations have been taken down throught the badhouse and the soup's on in the kitchen to get us through the cold month of january ...

the tree's been tossed in the livingroom but the fire is still there to warm us. 

ms. claus and her mistletoe were sent packin outta the bedroom back to the north pole ;)

dec 1/2001

1. the HOUSE exterior gets decked out for christmas ! more christmas decor to follow throughout the month !!

2. the BADvent CALENDAR is up and running...check it out for 25 days of BADphotos!

nov 11/2001:

1. cleanup kitchen after ba bday party... added dishwasher and sound effect to kitchen, changed fan recipe.

2. added two links to ba/recording studio article in the studio

3. added renovations list page and "vote for your favourite room poll" to the home page

nov  7/ 2001: added  "TV" , bookcase with links to buy ba books, and a magazine file linked to adams article list to the livingroom

nov. 5/2001: the badhouse opens it's doors with a birthday bash in the kitchen for BA.