hello badhouse guests...

i'm sandy your host... and the builder and bad housekeeper of the bryan adams badhouse...

the bryan adams badhouse originally opened it's doors on nov. 5th, 2001... one year later on november 5th 2002, bryan adams celebrates his 43rd birthday, and the badhouse celebrates it's 1 year birthday with an entirely new look!

the original badhouse had more of a funky/hip urban feel...that was fine...as ba is an actual resident of the trendy, london neighbourhood of chelsea.

but after reading a recent interview with ba speaking about getting "back to the basics"... and also with the release of the soundtrack "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron" (an animated film about an untamed stallion in the wild west for which adams wrote several songs) I thought it was time for the badhouse to get "back to the basics" as well.

what i've have attempted is to give ba's online abode a clean uncluttered feel plus a hint of the old west! 
i don't know if i've actually succeeded...but at least it's been fun trying!  ;o)

so... kick off your shoes...make yourself at home...and enjoy your visits to the badhouse!

ya'll come back now...ya hear...

sandy (badhousekeeper)
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the inspiring ba ... interview snippet...

"Maybe it is time to do things totally different for a change.
For some time now, I've been working on a big cleaning in my life. Literally as well.

I've given away all sorts of possessions, even furniture.  It became a ballast. Besides that
I've made my band a trio that performs on a virgin white set".

" I have to continue that. I owe my record company a single cd, after that, for the first time in my life, I'm free. I'm looking forward to that moment. And your right, I shouldn't care about
what the radio plays or not, but just do what I really want.
"Back to basics".  


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